Samantharoma welcomes Retailers, Salons, Spas and other trade professionals.
We will work with you any way we can!


We are keen to develop relationships with wholesalers/distributors. You will need to provide us with a valid resale number and a brief description of your store.

Our minimum opening order is $150. No minimum on subsequent orders. We ship at lowest cost unless a specific method is specified.

Our wholesale website, which includes online ordering, is available to qualified wholesale buyers.

Please contact us with all inquiries.


Several of our products are available "studio size" at a 20% discount off retail price. Currently these products are: Yoga Mat Cleanser, Hatha Massage Oil and Unscented Massage Oil. On request we can supersize any of our products including essential oils. Just let us know what you need and we will be happy to give a quote. Unfortunately we no longer offer trade discount on personal orders.

Private Label

Samantharoma offers private labeling for events, stores/salons. We will gladly package any of our products to suit your needs. We can also custom design fragrance and products just for you!

  • Wedding/Bridal Parties
  • Shower gifts
  • Signature fragrance for Spas, Salons, Hotels
  • Corporate gifts

A minimum order of $100 is required for private labeling/custom work. There is a one-time (per blend) $75 charge for custom blending (download our Custom Blending Questionaire) and a label set-up fee of $10 per product (or you may provide your own labels).


Merchant Services