"WOW! Am I ever so glad I found SamanthaRoma's Hatha Blend Massage Oil! I've always made my own personal blends, but this one can't be beat. My clients love its silky texture and intoxicating aroma. Thank you!"
E.F., Licensed Massage Therapist, Charleston, SC

"Thank you so much for the information. I can tell you are sincerely interested in the health and well being of both the human race and the environment! KUDOS to you and your products!"
J.S. Stillwell, KS

"Wonderful products in all categories. My dear friend began to pamper me with these great treats at Christmas and birthdays. I have been able to try a wide variety of these products and as of yet have not used any that I truly do not enjoy. My current favorite is the underarm spray. Keep up the great work!"
K.H. Spartanburg, SC

"What a delight to have discovered Samantharoma's "Happy Yogi" yoga mat cleanser! The cleanser has a beautiful aroma and leaves my mat clean and fresh. I recommend this product to all Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts. If you're committed to your mat workout, "Happy Yogi" is a must have!"
R.B. Summerville, SC

"I've been using Samantharoma "Peace" Mineral Salt Bath for about a month now and I find it very relaxing - especially after a long day at work. It's great just to soak in a hot bath full of these salts and enjoy it's calming aroma."
A.D. Summerville, SC

"My feet were really dry and cracked so Samantharoma recommended a pumice stone and the Shealo Body Oil. The daily regime of a hot bath, pumice, and oil has smoothed out my feet wonderfully and it smells great."
A.D. Summerville, SC

"The 'Mostly His' shaving oil from Samantharoma is a refreshing, natural way to shave. The oil gives plenty of lubrication, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after shaving. The understated scent is also much more pleasing than the harsh chemical smell of traditional shave creams."
K.I. Charleston, SC

"I have to say I was little skeptical about trying the herbal bug spray, but now I am hooked! I really dislike the stickiness and smell associated with regular Bug Spray and love that your product smells great and leaves no residue. It's also a bonus that you can use it on kids and pets too! I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you!"
C.H. Summerville, SC

"Thanks for the soap - I just LOVE it! It lasted much longer than I expected and makes my skin feel so soft!"
E.F. Charleston, SC

"I recently commented on a friends glowing complexion, and she told me she used Samantharoma's Botanical Skincare products. Since I have dry, sensitive skin, I was somewhat skeptical, but have been very pleasantly surprised. Not only do the products smell good and feel good, they make my skin look wonderful! For a 47 year old with dry skin, "dewy" is a good thing!"
C.R. Summerville, SC


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