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Just Soap, 4oz

Our top-shelf hand-made soaps bring a wealth of beauty benefits by opting for natural ingredients-instead of synthetic alternatives.


Each bar is hand cut to have a simple yet elegant, natural appearance. Luxurious and fragrant these bars work wonders to manage complexions as well as moods.

Just Soap is good for you and the earth because it is 100% natural, biodegradable, SLS and preservative free. Animal fats are not used. Just Soap will gently clean your skin without stripping away your own much needed body oils.

All soaps are made from saponified Olive and other select oils and butters, they are preserved with natural Vitamin E. Soaps contain additional ingredients as listed below. Mint: rice bran, coconut, organic palm and hemp oils; shea butter, essential oil, peppermint leaves. Flora: rice bran, coconut and organic palm oils; shea butter, essential oil, pink clay. Lavender: soy bean oil, lavender essential oil, lavender buds. Mostly His: soy, coconut, rice bran and sunflower oils; shea butter, essential oil, turmeric, black walnut hull powder. Unscented Facial: rice bran, coconut and organic palm oils; shea butter, aloe concentrate, calendula flowers. Citrus: palm, coconut and sunflower oils; essential oil.
Your soap will last longer if you use it on a Washcloth or pouf, rather than directly on your body. As natural soap does not contain chemical hardening agents, it also helps to use a draining Soap Dish.
Thanks for the soap - I just LOVE it! It lasted much longer than I expected & makes my skin feel so soft!

The Samantharoma Kitchen Soap not only got rid of each and every smell from my hands on contact, it also softened and exfoliated my hands as well. It has a really mild scent which I can't put my finger on, but it doesn't cover up the scent of these foods, it erases them completely.


Just Soap, $6 for one, $20 for four
Soap 1
Soap 2
Soap 3
Soap 4


soothing aloe and calendula formula is gentle enough for dry or sensitive skin.
Non-drying and mild enough for a facial soap.


Sweet florida orange is popular for men or women as is great for cleansing oilier skin types.


Eucalyptus and tea tree provide an energizing and anti-microbial blend. Suitable for men or women. With hemp.


A romantic, feminine smell, slightly sweet like a summer garden. Keep one by the bathtub for long luxurious soaks!


Slightly sweet, slightly floral, clean and calming. This soothing soap is mild enough for children and sensitive skin.

mostly his

Our burnt orange and patchouli blend is so good you might find yourself sharing it in the shower!

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