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Preserve Triple Blade Razor

Reduce your carbon footprint with Preserve razors. The handle is made from 100% recycled material and when you need a new one you can pop it into the return envelope included to recycle all over again. That's what we call eco-friendly!

Preserve blades are high performance blades and incredibly long lasting. Paired with our Smooth Shaving Oil they are the ultimate shaving tools for a man or a woman. Each blade has a titanium coating to reduce drag and ensure their long life. A lubricating strip with Vitamin E and Aloe helps soothe sensitive skin.

Colors vary.

Use with our Smooth Shaving Oil.
For best results, shave in the shower, this opens pores & softens the skin. Massage a natural based shaving ptoduct into the skin. Always use a sharp blade & rinse it often while shaving. Shave with the direction of the hair growth using short, light strokes.
I bought the Mostly His shaving oil for my husband and he loves it!! He really didn't want to try it because he likes his shaving gel to lather but I bought it anyway. He was a little leary about trying it but he did and he loves it!! He couldn't believe how well it works and it only takes a little bit too. Also it makes his face soft and he doesn't need to use any aftershave. I tried it on my legs and it made them oh so soft!! Thanks for making such a great product!!!


Preserve Razor $9.50
Replacement blades, 4-pk $9.50

The open back design of this razor helps prevent it from becoming clogged with oil and hair. Simply rinse thoroughly after use to keep your razor nice and sanitary!

Snap on replacement blades with standard triple blade action.
Also Fits Hok2 snap-on style razor.

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