How is my product packaged?

We package your product in cobalt blue or amber plastic PET bottles and jars. We chose plastic due it's non-breakable nature. Containers are cobalt blue or amber to protect the essential oils from light, PET is the best plastic for storage of aromatherapy products and is recyclable. Our products are not intended for long term storage-see notes on Shelf Life below. Our essential oils are packaged in cobalt glass.

How long can I store my product?

Essential oils lose their potency when exposed to sunlight, air and other environmental conditions. For best results use your product within 2-3 months of purchasing. Each product is made to order, ensuring optimum freshness upon receipt. We do use natural preservatives in our water based products. Use the following as a general guideline to maximum shelf-life:

Oils - up to 12 months

Salts - up to 6 months when stored in jar provided

Sprays - up to 12 months, however do not use Bug Spray from last season.

How is my product preserved?

1. All equipment is sterilized before use
2. Water is purified
3. Product is made fresh to order and in small quantities
4. Where necessary natural preservative is added: GSE to water-based formulas and ROE to oil based formulas (see ingredients for more information)
5. Sprays, pumps and scoops are provided for sanitary dispensing, where possible.

What can I do to prolong the life of my product?

Direct sunlight, UV rays, oxygen, heat, moisture and bacteria from your fingers can all be detrimental to your products.


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