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Scentball and CarScenter

ScentBall and CarScenter work the same way to provide 100% chemical free air freshening. Simply add 10-20 drops of your favorite oil to the re-usable pad and plug the Scentball, or the CarScenter into your cigarette lighter and let the essential oils work their magic!

Most single oils blends work well in the diffusers, it really depends on what "mood" you are trying to create. See insert below for ideas.

One ScentBall covers approx 800 sq ft for 4-5 hours.

Use with our pure essential oils.
Place 10-20 drops of your favorite Samantharoma essential oil or blend on one of the reusable cotton pad. Slide pad onto the diffuser's warming plate & plug in. Replenish the essential oil when you can no smell it! You can rotate pads with different essential oils or just use one & replace when it loses absorbancy.
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Scentball $15.00
Replacement pads for Scentball, 5-pk $4
CarScenter $15.00
Replacement pads for CarScenter, 10-pk $4

Essential oils are sold separately, please view our selection.

Wherever the mood takes you...
- For sleep, relaxation: try Peace blend
- For stuffy noses: try Respiration blend
- For long drives/rush hour: try Inspiration (aids memory, alertness)
- For fever: try Festive, also purifies the air
- For parties: Festive or Balance
- For Romance: Love (what else?)
- For energy or a boost: try Peppermint

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