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Deodorant Mist

Bacterial growth is what causes body odor. By preventing the bacteria from growing we prevent the odor. Deodorant Mist works on the source of the problem and does not simply mask one odor with a more pleasant one!

The "active" ingredient is potassium alum, a natural derivative of mineral salts. It remains on the surface of the skin. It allows the skin to breathe and works by killing the odor-causing bacteria. Potassium alum possesses a unique chemical formula, different from harmful aluminums, and has a large molecule size which cannot be absorbed by the skin.

Mineral salts inhibit bacterial growth and neutralize body acids in perspiration. Our Deodorant Mist allows perspiration which is a good thing because it helps cool the body.

Purified Water (Aqua), Potassium Alum, Prunus amygdalus sativa (Sweet Almond) Extract, essential oils
Tea Tree:Tea Tree & Spearmint oils; Grapefruit Seed Extract
Use 2-6 sparays per armpit once a day or as needed. Start out with 2-3 sprays per armpit & increase as needed.
Wonderful products in all categories I have been able to try a wide variety of these products and as of yet have not used any that I truly do not enjoy. My current favorite is the underarm spray. Keep up the great work!

In the past week, I perspired through yoga, house cleaning and running around the sweltering mall with my heavy winter coat on...I may have looked all gross and sweaty, but I didn't worry about offending anyone with the smell of sweat, thanks to Samantharoma Tea Tree Deodorant.


Tea Tree Deodorant, 2oz $10
Tea Tree Deodorant, 4oz $14


Our Tea Tree and Spearmint formula provides maximum protection and stands up to warm climates, active life-styles-or those who sweat a lot! It works 3 ways by combining our original base with added natural antiseptics: Grapefruit Seed Extract and pure Tea tree oil. Now you can feel confident on the hottest days at the beach or in the gym! Sorry, but Unscented is no longer available.

- alcohol free
- free of harmful aluminum
- does not clog pores
- may be used on the feet to eliminate odor
- lasts approx 3 months for the 2oz size (using 2-3 sprays per armpit/day)

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