Wonderfully lathering, 100% pure vegetable ingredients. Suitable for every family member and no nasty SLS. There's no better way to bathe! We also have a soap for the kitchen and a pure, unscented soap for those sensitive types!
Price: $6
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Soap Saver
Our beveled wooden soap dish is the perfect compliment to store your hand-crafted soap. Makes a wonderful gift presentation - especially with a washcloth.
Price: $4.95
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Shaving Oil
Shaving oil is a totally new way to shave. Huge in Europe. It can be used wet or dry, by men or women, by itself or underneath your shaving cream. Once you've tried our shaving oil you'll want to retire that ozone unfriendly canister for good!
Price: $9.95
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Preserve Razors
High Performance, triple blade razors and refills made from recyclable plastic. Efficient and Earth-friendly, what more could you ask for?
Price: $9.50
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Slough away dead, rough skin with our genuine volcanic pumice. Use every day for two weeks and your feet will look like new!
Price: $8.95 for one and $12 for a pair
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