In November 2011, Samantharoma was one of 322 companies nationwide to be recognized as a Champion for Safe Cosmetics. This is a huge honor, read more about it and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics here.

Samantha Moore, President of Samantharoma, searched relentlessly for natural products. She could not find any to suit her desire for chemical free products, that actually work, so she created them!

Founded in 2005, Samantharoma was born from a desire for a more natural approach to personal care products. Samantha's strong desire to create chemical free products stems from losing her mother to breast cancer in 1993. Both of her parents passed away at the young age of 52. Samantha started doing research and discovered numerous studies linking chemicals to cancer, allergies and other illnesses.

Suffering from skin allergies herself, she resolved to making the switch to chemical-free products. She discovered that parabens and other toxic chemicals were in everything from her body wash to her body lotion. However she was determined to live chemical free and started creating her own line of products for Body, Home and Lifestyle.

Born and raised in England, Samantha became a citizen of the United States in August 2006. She is truly living the American Dream running her own successful business. It always has been and still is Samantharoma's goal to create high quality, effective products that work for everyBODY.

Our mission is to make chemical-free products for your Body, Home and Lifestyle that are kind to you and the Earth.

We believe that you should not have to compromise quality or spend a lot of money to feel good about what goes on your skin. Studies prove that what you put on your skin and breathe from the air is absorbed into your body. So at Samantharoma we make natural products that are high quality and effective yet contain no harsh chemicals. We disclose every ingredient on our labels and on our website and encourage you to read them!

Our products our guaranteed to be:
- Inspired by nature
- Crafted using pure natural ingredients
- Fragranced only with pure essential oils
- Minimally preserved
- Ethically made
- Cruelty free
- 100% Vegan

Our products will NEVER contain:
- petrochemicals or GMOs
- sulfates or detergents
- parabens or phthalates
- TEA or Triclosan
- synthetic colors or fragrances
- or ANY other harmful chemicals;
and they will NEVER be tested on animals.


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